Past APD Project Reports

These reports were produced by students attending the course Analytical Product Design, as part of their coursework. They are made available here for the inspiration of other students. However, they represent copyrighted material and this source must be provided if they are used in other project work. A proper citation would be: Authors' names, Project title, Project number, Analytical Product Design Course (Instructor: P.Y. Papalambros), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Year.


Analytical Product Design - Fall 2003

Project 01: Traveler's Toothbrush [pdf]

Project 02: Rollercoaster [pdf]

Project 03: Parking Elevator [pdf]

Project 04: Regenerative Braking System [pdf]

Project 05: Helmet [pdf]

Project 06: Human Jaw Movement Simulator [pdf]

Project 07: Multimedia Rack [pdf]

Project 08: Heart Rate Monitor [pdf]

Project 09: Engin Hoist [pdf]

Project 10: Wall Clock [pdf]

Project 11: Beverage Can

Project 12: Portable Baby Crib [pdf]

Project 13: Can Opener [pdf]

Project 14: Hub-less Caster [pdf]

Project 15: Bench Press Spotter [pdf]


Analytical Product Design - Fall 2004

Project 01: Solar Hydrogen Production [pdf]

Project 02: Hydrogen Storage and Distribution [pdf]

Project 03: Smart Web Energy Control System [pdf]

Project 04: Promoshelf [pdf]

Project 05: Driver's Dream Cup Holder [pdf]

Project 06: eSpecially Taylored Elevated Platform [pdf]

Project 07: Manual Seat Adjustment [pdf]

Project 08: Vehicle Ingress/Egress Handle Support [pdf]

Project 09: Water Temperature Indicator [pdf]

Project 10: Ambient Energy Monitor [pdf]

Project 11: Window Retaining Tool [pdf]




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