The Project

We live and function in an artificial, human-designed world. The engineers and designers that create this world often act in isolation under narrow functional and business criteria. The Antilium Project focuses on building bridges between disciplines to create a more human-centered approach to design. The disciplines currently represented include Architecture, Art and Design, Business, Industrial and Operational Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, and Psychology.

Each discipline has its own language, performance metrics, success factors, and objectives for constructing models that support decision-making for product development. Reliable communication between disciplines is essential, especially in the product design and development process. Antilium research has developed methodologies to coordinate disciplinary models. These methodologies can produce designs that simultaneously consider user preferences, financial incentives, engineering constraints, production cost, competition, and regulation.

Research in Antilium focuses on integrating engineering into the design decision-making process as well as adapting engineering tools for use in other disciplines. The result is combining specializations in many fields to focus on the "big picture" from the start of the design process to the final result.




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